Please use, instead of in these instructions.
Oh hey, This is Thunderbird

• How to setup Thunderbird with DerpyMail
With pictures!

First, go to the 'Tools' drop down menu and to 'Account Settings',
click on 'Outgoing Server (SMTP), and Add one.
Fill in the settings below, but with your username (Make sure that instead of a @ there is a + here)

Now, under 'Account Actions' go to 'Add mail account',
Fill in with your info (Make sure to use a @ here)
Now hit 'Continue'

You will see this page, hit 'Manual Config'

Fill in with this info,
and make sure you use your account and a + instead of a @ here.
Hit 'Re-test', then 'Create Account'

You now have a working inbox!

The first time you send something you will see this, this is normal, Hit 'Confirm Security Exception'

If you are having issues after this, don't be afraid to ask me.